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This page provides resources and some guidelines on how to complete GIS311 practical 7 (11 April 2019). Note that this page provide some information, not step-by-step instructions. You have to adapt information available online for your purposes to complete the task.

Creating a database and loading data

Refer to the relevant section in the Practical 2 wiki on how to create a new spatial database and how to load a shapefile into the database.


Connecting a PostGIS table to GeoServer

After starting GeoServer, you can access the local GeoServer admin page in the browser of your choice using the following url, http://localhost:8080/geoserver

The GeoServer documentation provides a detailed example on how to connect a PostGIS table to GeoServer. You can adapt these instructions to your needs. The complete page is available here,

Creating a custom SLD style

GeoServer has an excellent SLD cookbook with examples of the various styles that can be adapted for your purpose,

Basics of HTML and JavaScript

There are various tutorials available online that can help you learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Personally, I use the W3School website as a quick reference. I would suggest that you also refer to this site if you have any issues. Other sites are also suggested here,


Learning the basics of OpenLayers

The OpenLayers QuickStart page provides an overview of the steps required to create a basic web map using OpenLayers. The page explains that basic components,

Note: NodeJS is a newer method of implementing a OpenLayers project. We unfortunately cannot use this method in the labs on campus, as the firewall blocks the command line.

To add other baselayers,

Displaying a WMS on your web map

See example on ClickUP.

Additional resources